Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas~

A little Christmas goes a long way, and even though I am no photog, I did want to share some Christmas from my home to yours this season.

I've used this same decor now for 7 years, but I'm not tired of the coppers, burgundys and golds just yet.

Sorry about the different lighting and shadows, again, I'm no professional. 
(Like that isn't obvious! LOL)

Mantel tinsel

Stockings hung by the chimney with care...




and birds are some of my favorite ornaments.

Don't open till December 25th!

The Nativity in miniature

Even the kitchen got a little love

As well as the Entry 

And lest we forget...

Jesus most definitely IS the Reason for the Season.  It's all about the babe.

I find it amazing every year that the entire world celebrates the coming of Christ the Lord.
It's a humbling reminder that we are all simply saved by grace and that not of ourselves lest any man should boast.  God so loved us that He gave us the greatest gift of all.  No package under a tree can compare to the relationship and friendship I share with Him who was born on Christmas day!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I wonder why the media in general are pushing for a full disclosure civil trial for the Chechen terrorist Boston Bomber, but at the same time refuse to cover the Abortionist "Dr." Gosnell's atrocities in Philadelphia.  Not to mention the Benghazi killings that our media has given a FREE PASS to the Federal Government regarding.  REALLY?????

I wonder why Congress and Senate are rushing to limit the freedom's of good, honest, hard working Americans, but at the same time also rushing to give permanent freedoms to people who are in our Country illegally and many of them criminally.  REALLY?????

I wonder why the main stream media immediately stated that they assume it would be a white Tea Party affiliated person who perpetrated the bombing because it happened on tax day; but took days to finally say that the actual bombers were Islamists.  They bent over backwards to say that religion was irrelevant to this bombing. REALLY?????

We all as Americans have the duty to hold our elected officials and the media that claims to only want the truth to higher standards.  We all as Americans have the duty to demand that our Government officials work for us not for themselves and for un-American ideals and values.  We all as Americans have the duty to demand only truth telling from our media, not posturing, propping, opinion, and assumption.  It is not the medias job nor the Government's job to tell me what to think about events and issues, its for them to report it accurately. PERIOD!

We all as Americans have the duty to support ourselves and take care of our own families.  We have the duty to help our fellow man.  We have the duty to not allow Government to take those responsibilities away from us.  Our very soul is at stake.  Don' think for a second that taking the human element out of charity, and the negotiation of your health care with your own Doctor of choice, and the ability to carry, keep or otherwise maintain fire arms on your person or in your home, doesn't affect our very foundations as America.  It does.  We are fighting for our very soul, for our America.  REALLY!!!!!